Below is a list of links to multiplayer, browser-based games, and instructions and rules about other games we play in the chatroom.

.:Online Games
Skribbl – A multiplayer drawing game where 1 person draws a chosen word, and the rest guess it.
Cards Against Humanity – A multiplayer card game where you combine cards to make funny statements.
Board Game Online – An adventure board game for up to 5 players.

.:Chat-Based Games
– One user thinks of a word and presents us with the empty letter spaces (eg: __ __ __ )
– The other users try to guess the letters that make up the word
– Users have 10 incorrect guesses before the man is hanged
– Use command “/choose name,name,name” to choose who will go first
– The person who starts PM’s anyone who is playing a question (The question can be anything and has no limits!)
– The person who receives the question, types their answer into the main Chat
– Use command “/choose yes,no” to make Chatzy choose if the question will be revealed
– The person who was asked now asks someone else a question in PM

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