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Omegle Recruiting Campaign

Over the next few months we will be mercilessly recruiting from omegle, even though the moderators are now banning bots from their network. Even if it takes resetting the bots every 30 minutes, we WILL continue to advertise and grow our chatroom!
New members, click HERE to be taken to our chat, or click the “Chat” link on the main menu.

Google ads and the great crypto investment

Some of you may have heard one of our moderators Clamface Bobpants is gearing up to make a sizeable investment into the cryptomarket with a low goal of 150% return.
As Clam has been a moderator here for 4 years, he has generously offered $1000 towards Google Ads if he reaches his goal, as well as an additional $1000 for every 50% gain made over 150%.
Clam has been one of our most successful crypto investors to date, turning $2000 into $30,000 (1500%) in the space of 4 years. So please wish him well in his next investment, and with some luck our website will be on the Google Ads network within a year or two.


Omegle Bot Wars continue…

The Omegle Bot Wars are continuing, with Omegle attempting to ban keywords and force Captcha on bot advertisers. Recently upsetting their user base by requiring Captcha on every connection, they’ve now relaxed restrictions and returned to certain keywords triggering a Captcha.
Our advertisers will continue working around the blocked keywords, and advertising should now be functional but somewhat limited. We hope everyone enjoys seeing some new users in the chat again.

Gigabyte Power Supplies (PSUs)

We would like to warn our users against buying Gigabyte power supplies at present for your computers. There have been a lot of reports recently about exploding Gigabyte PSUs, with some models experiencing up to 50% failure rates, 1 in 2 power supplies fail.
The models in question are the GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM, but we recommend staying clear of all Gigabyte power supplies for now.