Monthly Archives: March 2023

All Chatzy rooms down/offline

Our Chatzy chatroom and all other Chatzy servers have gone offline. We’re hoping this is a temporary issue that will soon be fixed.
If you’re new here, simply bookmark our website and check back later. If Chatzy doesn’t come back online, the “Chat” link will be redirected to another chat service such as discord.
We will update you all as soon as there’s more news regarding the issue.

Omegle Recruiting Returns! – Phase 3

After setting up the virtual machine, doing a two hour coding and troubleshooting session, and gulping down plenty of coffee, the new Omegle advertising bot is now up and running!
We’re now hopeful we can bring in a few more members.
If you’re new and only just joining us, our Chatroom is located HERE.

Omegle Recruiting Returns! – Phase 2

We’ve now secured an Internet Service Provider with a dynamic IP ahead of schedule, and have started work on “Phase 2.”
Currently installing and setting up a Windows 11 virtual machine, and preparing to code the new advertising bot. We’re hoping to finish and have it operational by this Sunday.

Omegle Recruiting Returns! – Phase 1

Yes, you read the title right. Omegle recruiting is returning to House of Travis!
We’re currently in “Phase 1,” preparing an internet service provider with dynamic IP’s for Omegle ban evasion.
Once that’s complete we’ll move into “Phase 2,” setting up a virtual machine and writing a new advertising bot.
And “Phase 3,” running our new bot on Omegle, should begin sometime next week we hope.
Prepare to greet some new visitors! And hopefully, new members.