Monthly Archives: July 2022

The Great Chat-System debate

As you may know, are no longer maintaining their website or chat system. There are now multiple issues affecting our chatroom which are not being addressed, so we have chosen so far NOT to renew our premium membership with them.
This decision means chat history and personal messaging are no longer available, and the room is limited to 10 people at once.
There is now debate over what chat-system we should use moving forward into the future. Do we stay with Chatzy until they shut down unexpectedly one day? Or do we move to another chat service? Have your say in the poll below.

Advertising Stalled

Due to our advertiser’s new ISP having a fairly static IP address, advertising on Omegle has now stalled due to their ban system and being unable to reset IP addresses. VPN’s have also proved ineffective due to Omegle banning all VPN IP ranges.
Due to this we will be establishing a social media presence near the end of the year to continue advertising, while also looking into restoring Omegle advertising through the use of a second ISP with dynamic IP addresses for evading the ban system in early 2023.
Thank you to everyone for being so patient, and we will endeavour to increase our membership slowly over the next year.